Telepresence Robot Double 2 - for remote-controlled, mobile conferences, conversations and anytime presence at remote locations. (Requires iPad - not included in the scope of delivery)

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  • Telepresence Robot - Double 2
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Double is the best-selling telepresence robot worldwide.

Many well-known companies already rely on the innovative opportunities offered by telepresence from Double Robotics

Double Robotics is an innovative telepresence system and a completely new step in the support of interaction between employees, customers and business partners. Having the Double on site means you have complete freedom of movement in offices and meetings, and complete freedom to interact visually and acoustically. The absolutely mobile Double gives you a physical presence at the workplace from anywhere in the world. You can speak to people in the room at any time. You can speak and you hear everything; you are seen and you can see everything. And most importantly, you have absolute mobility on-site. The Double is the ideal system for remote-controlled, mobile conferences, conversations and anytime presence at remote locations.

Double Robotics (work from anywhere) is the ultimate tool for telepresence.

A Double from Double Robotics saves you travel costs. Instead of travelling to a location, use the Double to be present at any time and to move about on-site.

With the Double from Double Robotics you can monitor multiple locations simultaneously, whether you are far away or even on another continent.

Use it in dangerous locations or to check the security of your holiday home. Your Double from Double Robotics is everywhere quickly and easily, and without your having to be there in person.

Double Robotics allows you to be present without travelling. This saves time and money. And it enables conversations and interaction that would not have been possible otherwise.

Double Robotics is the best-selling telepresence robot worldwide.

Key speakers and teachers can give instruction from a distance at any time. Students who are prevented from attending class for any significant reason can take part in lessons from anywhere and at any time.

Advisers can take part in important discussions with customers without incurring travel costs. Central meetings can be attended even when schedules are tight. Even those travelling abroad can attend.

Specialist experts can be present over great distances and can be brought in at any time to join important discussions. Time-consuming travel is dispensed with and key decision makers are always on board.

Customers can be given key product experiences live. Presentations can be delivered quickly and impressively without the need to travel. The customer is totally mobile.

The ultimate tool for telepresence. You can realise a physical presence at the workplace anywhere in the world and speak to all your employees at any time. This makes Double the perfect system for remote-controlled, mobile videoconferencing, for meetings and monitoring any time and any place.
The battery life of the Double is 8 hours. The height, which can be adapted remotely at any time, is between 119 and 150 cm. The Double works with any iPad with camera and offers secure 128-bit AES encrypted video transmission from end to end.

Scope of delivery of the telepresence robot Double 2:

1 Double 2 robot
1 Allen screw, 1 Allen key
1 Charger
1 User manual

Technical details:

  • Height:  119 to 150 cm (47” to 59”), height remotely adjustable
  • Space requirements:  25.4 cm (10’’) x 23 cm (9”)
  • Weight: 6.35 kg
  • Speed: slow walking pace - can increase to 80% faster (for long distances)
  • Only suitable for indoor use
  • Lateral stability: can traverse electrical cables, door thresholds -> maximum tilt angle: 8 %
  • Mobility indoors depends on the presence of an internet connection.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery - 8 hours autonomous operation, charge time: approx. 3 hours
  • WiFi or 4G/LTE (cellular)
  • The Double 2 itself has no internet connection; this is obtained from the WiFi router/access point directly to the iPad
  • Minimum speed requirements (bandwidth): 512 Kbps, recommended minimum speed (bandwidth): 2 Mbps
  • Required iPad (not included): iPad Air 2 or iPad Air


  • Camera kit (optional): 5 megapixel, wide-angle lens 150°
  • Audio kit (optional): amplified speaker and directional microphone
  • Charging dock (optional): enables your robot to be available 24/7, always charged
  • Travel case, Pelican brand (optional): for easy, secure transport of your robot

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