ZyXEL P-660HN-I 4-Port-Switch und WLAN 802.11n, ohne ISDN-Splitter

Manufacturer ZyXEL
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The P-660HN series featuring 802.11n Draft 2.0 technology provides the ultimate solution for speed and coverage. With data rate up to 300 Mbps, P-660HN series provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high speed data and multimedia delivery. It eliminates dead zones and extends coverage by using coming IEEE 802.11n technology and backwards compatible with any IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified device. To respond to the concept of green earth, P-660HN series equips with wireless on/off button that assists users to easily manage energy consumption. By just one click to shut down wireless power, energy can be saved and utilized more efficiently when wire wireless communication is not used. At meanwhile, the wired communication is still on and won't be effected. Enhanced security protection guards the traffic all the way through broadband to LAN. Dual Ethernet firewall (NAT and SPI) block hackers to easily locate target which greatly reduces the risk of being hacked. As the part of wireless security, P-660HN series supports not only WPA-2/WPA/WEP, but also hardware WPS button to realize easy-setup by just single click. Thus, to own a secure wireless network is not a headache anymore. P-660HN series supports QoS features to shape traffic priority that maximizes the bandwidth utilization. It will make P-660HN more ideal for delivery of time-sensitive applications, like VoIP or video streaming. The P-660HN Series based on ADSL2+ standard which not only creates fast access to the Internet, but also maintains stable connections and enough bandwidth to surf the Internet. Steaming video/audio content and playing online-game simultaneously are more smooth and faster than traditional ADSL enabled gateways.

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