ELF MOBILE COMPUTER Elf with Bluetooth v2.0, 802.11 a/b/g CCX V4, 3.5G UMTS HSDPA, GPS, 2D Imager w/ Green Spot, Camera 3MPixel, WEHH 6.5, 256MB RAM/256MB Flash, 46-Key AZERTY NMS

Manufacturer Datalogic ADC
Manufacturer# 944301012
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Elf offers the Datalogic SDK and tools for integrating voice, pictures, and video to create or enhance existing mobility software solutions. Wavelink device management tools make Elf a simple device to both deploy and maintain. Capitalizing on Datalogic Mobile's legendary ergonomics, the PDA packs unprecedented features into a compact form factor built for single handed use. Use of an accelerometer eliminates awkward presentation of on screen data and a unique guitar pick stylus provides for intuitive touch screen navigation. The PDA provides four wireless technologies in the same form factor: Bluetooth EDR for fast data transfer, 802.11 a/b/g with Cisco certified security, UMTS HSDPA for real-time communication outside the enterprise Assisted GPS (A-GPS) with Skyhook's core engine hybrid positioning system for location based applications.

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