Audiocodes 458 Huddle Room Solution (HRS) IP (SfB)Up to 15 participants
  • kensington lock
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Audiocodes 458 Huddle Room Solution -  Room Size Large

Up to 15 participants in huddle room

  • Simple addition of remote participants 
  • Large, full-color touch screen for meeting control
  • Familiar Skype for Business meeting management experience
  • Advanced echo cancellation
  • USB audio connectivity
  • Theft protection - Kensington lock adaptor 


What is the Huddle Room Solution?
In a fast moving modern business environment where rapid collaboration between office colleagues and remote workers, suppliers and customers is crucial to success, most meetings are spontaneous and no longer take place in dedicated conference rooms alone but are instead held in smaller office rooms or ‘huddle rooms‘. With this in mind, AudioCodes have designed a solution that is built to support this ever-changing environment by changing any space into a meeting room and delivering impeccable audio quality in a simple and effective manner along the way.

What can the Huddle Room Solution do?
Featuring Exceptional Audio Quality, the Huddle Room Solution delivers long and clear audio that is easily absorbed by the human ear, this eliminating the possibility of misinterpretation and ensuring all information is passed through clearly. As well as this, the advanced echo cancelling technology also prevents any unwanted sounds from disrupting the flow of the conversation and boosts productivity by keeping confusion and distractions to a minimum.

AudioCodes HRS Phone
As well as the User Friendly Interface & Installation means that anybody can navigate through the menus and set up the hub in preparation for a meeting with little to no training needed. As well as saving a great deal of time with features such as one-click meetings that can connect people in a flash, the Huddle Room Solution also compliments the fleeting nature of inspiration and provides a ready-to-go solution that can be set up in minutes to capture the creative mood whenever it flairs up, to provide a rapid solution in case of an emergency with client, colleague or partner and to always be there ready whenever it’s needed.

Depending on how many users are typically active in meeting calls, the Huddle Room Solution is a Fully Scalable solution that can accommodate for 6 to 15 users depending on which of the three available models (UC-HRS-457, 457D or 458) is chosen. By giving businesses the option to choose a model that is most suited for their needs, the Huddle Room Solution is excellent at eliminating waste and ensures that companies can find a product that fits their requirements perfectly and prevents them from having to pay for services that are not needed.

As a Standalone Solution that requires no computer and is fully integrated with Skype For Business, the Huddle Room Solution is ideal for giving the much needed mobility to users who can quickly set up meetings without needing to access or transport a computer from one room to the next.

Finally, a Centralised Management System makes the Huddle Room Solution a breeze to install and manage from a single location, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming administration practices. With this feature, businesses can easily control the Huddle Room Solution in the most efficient and effective way possible whilst simultaneously reducing operational costs.

What do we like the most?
Given that this is a products built for a specific purpose – namely businesses that require a highly flexible and mobile solution that can be carried from room to room as frequently as it is required to do so – we loved the fact that the Huddle Room Solution can be set up and installed to access Skype For Business without the need for a computer. When added to the fact that businesses can choose a model that meets their specific requirements and can scale up or down depending on their needs, we believe the Huddle Room Solution is a great product and perfectly designed to do what it does.

UC Today Opinion
When looking at all the features available to users on the Huddle Room Solution and combining them with the fact that this product is built to help small to medium sized businesses (SMB) save time, improve productivity and boost collaboration in the work place, we struggle to find any fault at all. Perfectly designed for the job it does and a very worthy investment for any business looking to improve its business communications overall.

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